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About Us

The Jennifer Tuttor Foundation is centered on humanitarian works intent on making the livelihoods of children and women in deprived areas across the globe easier.

The foundation would be centered on the needs of the needy, but sports inclined children and single mothers, while making room to alleviate their pain in whichever big or small way we can afford. The main mantra of the foundation is primarily, giving HOPE. 

Causes We Support

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Our Impacts in Numbers

Adoption is unique stories, woven together, creating a movement that has changed the lives of millions of children.



We believe that to help them live better. 86 Countries Support us


target campaigns

The result of the hard work together. We so proud of this result.


Campaign Running

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    Become a Volunteer

    You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering with JT foundation . This is an opportunity to create a positive impact.